Fiber Optic InterConnections(Patch Cord, Pigtail, Adapter and Attenuator)

Fiber Optic InterConnections included the fiber optic patch cord, Fiber Optic Pigtail,  Fiber Optic Adapter, Fiber Optic Attenuator. Which is very inportant interconnectors in the fiber optic connecting system. There are widely uesed in FTTH networking system, Optical Fiber Communications. All compliantUS ISO 9001:2000. Meets or exceeds Telcordia standards. Applications include Ethernet, Fiber Channel, Infiniband, ATM & Internet.

Fiber Optic InterConnections Patch Cord, there are SC PC/APC, FC PC/APC, ST PC/APC, LC PC/APC, E2000 PC/APC, MU PC/APC, MTRJ/PC, SMA/PC, MPO PC/APC, Waterproof Outdoor, Armoured, Hybrid patch cord. Simplex or Duplex, Singlemode or multimode, OS1,OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4. 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm are available.

Optical InterConnections Pigtail, there are  SC PC/APC, FC PC/APC, ST PC/APC, LC PC/APC, E2000 PC/APC, MU PC/APC, MTRJ/PC, SMA, MP OPC/APC, Outdoor, Fan Out, Hybrid pigtail. Singlemode or multimode, OS1,OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4. 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm are available.

Fiber Optic InterConnections Adapter, there are  SC PC/APC, FC PC/APC, ST PC/APC , LC PC/APC , E2000 PC/APC , MU PC/APC, MTRJ/PC, SMA/PC, MPO PC/APC, Hybrid, Simplex or Duplex, Singlemode or multimode fiber optic adapter are available.

Fiber InterConnections Attenuator, there are SC, FC, ST, LC, E2000, MU, MTRJ, SMA, MPO, Hybrid single mode female to male and female to female fiber optic attenuator.

SC Fiber Optic Pigtail Supplier from China - 100% Free Samples

SC Fiber Optic Pigtail Singlemode or Multimode and Simplex or Duplex

1-30dB SM Female to Male MU Fiber Attenuator

1-30dB Singlemode Female to Male MU Fiber Attenuator

E2000 Fiber Optic Attenuator

Singlemode Female to male & Female to Female E2000 Fiber Optic Attenuator

LC Female-Male-Male-Female SM Fiber Attenuators Suppliers-Free Sample

LC Female-Male and Male-Female SM Fiber Attenuators


ST Fiber Optic Attenuator

Fiber Optic FC Attenuator Suppliers Singlemode - 100% Free Sample

Fiber Optic Singlemode FC Attenuator

SC Attenuator Singlemode Female-Male-Female Suppliers-Free Sample

SC Attenuator Fiber Optic Singlemode Female to Male and Male to Female

Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapters

Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapters SC-LC SC-FC SC-ST ST-FC ST-LC FC-LC SC-E2000

MTP/MPO Fiber Adapter

8 & 12 Cores Singlemode Multimode MTP/MPO Fiber Adapter

SM & MM MTRJ Fiber Optic Adapter

Singlemode & Multimode MTRJ Fiber Optic Adapter