Singlemode & Multimode MU Fiber Adapters

SM & MM MU Fiber Adapters Manufacturer

Advantages & Features

  • Low insertion and high return loss
  • Suitable for SMF or MMF Cable
  • Simplex or Duplex in PC,UPC or APC
  • Zirconia Ceramic split sleeves
  • High precision alignment
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Product details for Singlemode & Multimode MU Fiber Adapters

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MU Fiber Adapters are available in simplex, duplex and 8-port configurations, with zirconia sleeve for high-precision alignment. MU Connectors are also available in pre-assembled (one-piece) versions, and in unassembled kits.

MU Fiber Adapters (also known as bulkheads) are used to join two fiber optic patch cables together. They are available for use with either singlemode or multimode patch cables. We provides an extensive line of fiber optic adapters that offer superior low loss performance with very high repeatability. These products are designed and manufactured to comply with stringent Telcordia 100BaseFX Technologies standards. Please call with your specific requirements.


MU Fiber Adapters Feature:

1.Compact design
2.NTT-MU hardware compatibility
3.NTT & JIS compliance
4.High precision alignment
5.Low insertion and return loss and back reflection
6.Corrosion resistance


1.MU Fiber Adapters

MU-PC Singlemode Simplex Fiber Optic Adapte (3)

MU Sinplex Fiber Optic adapter

2.MU Fiber Adapters

MU-PC Singlemode Duplex Fiber Optic Adapte (4)

MU Duplex Fiber Optic Adapters

MU-PC Singlemode Duplex Fiber Optic Adapte (1)

MU Duplex fiber optic Adapters

MU Fiber optic Adapter Parameters:

Parameters Singlemode Multimode
Connector Type MU Fiber Adapters
Polishing Type PC PC
Insertion Loss (dB) ≤0.2 ≤0.25
Tensile Strength F200N
Durability n=1000
Operation Temperature (℃) -40℃ ~+80℃
Sleeves Material Zirconia Ceramic


MU Fiber optical Adapters Application:

1.Fiber optic subscriber network transmission/switching equipment
2.CATV, Active device termination
3.Telecommunication networks, Metro networks
4.Local Area Networks (LANS), Data processing networks
5.Premise installations, Industrial, military and medical


MU Fiber optic Adapters Packaging:

fiber opitc adapter

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