Outdoor Fiber Optic Pigtail


Advantages & Features

  • Suitable for SMF or MMF cable
  • 100% tested and individual package
  • Watertight design for outdoor use
  • Low insertion and high return loss
  • Different cores are optional
  • Excellent exchangeability
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Product details for Outdoor Fiber Optic Pigtail

waterproof outdoor fiber optic pigtail includes outdoor single mode or multimode fiber optic pigtail using brass waterproof connector with 9/125um,50/125um,62.5/125um indoor fiber optic cable to make sure this waterproof outdoor fiber optic pigtail work with harsh enviroment.

Waterproof Outdoor Fiber Optic Pigtail uses the stubborn PE jacket and stainless steel armor inside for further fiber protection in harsh environment. It can be loaded with a group of waterproof sealed head connectors, such as FC, SC, LC, ST, MU, MTRJ, etc. Besides, this product also features low insertion loss, high return loss good interchangeability and repeatable push-pull performance. Currently it has been widely used for connection of main fiber and optical receiver in data and communications system, CATV, LAN, MAN, WAN, etc.

Waterproof fiber optic pigtail is twisted around the non-metallic central strength member in clockwise direction, water-block yarns outside, steel or aluminum tape used as armored layer, and proper material jacket. This kind of cable is usually used as pigtails in interconnect line of equipment, and used as interconnect lines in different buildings.

Outdoor fiber waterproof pigtail with Easily and reliable installment, long life, good toughness, and well done in the serious environment. Strength with high strength steel wire, high tensile strength, easy installation, simple and reliable. And good grounding performance, all kinds of connectors available, connecting cable and optical receiver.


Outdoor Fiber Optical Pigtail Feature:

1. High return loss and low insertion loss
2. Good reliability and stability
3. Excellent water-resistance performance
4. Waterproof, rigid and anti-corrosive copper connector
5. Simple installation
6. Capacity: 2, 4, 6 cords Available
7.Applicable to FC, SC, ST, LC,MU…Connectors


1. Outdoor Fiber Optic Pigtail


Waterproof Outdoor SC/PC  Fiber Optic Pigtail


Waterproof Outdoor FC/PC Fiber Optic Pigtail

2. Outdoor Fiber Optic Pigtail


Waterproof Outdoor SC/PC Fiber Optic Pigtail


Waterproof Outdoor SC/APC Fiber Optic Pigtail


Outdoor Fiber Optical Pigtail Application:

1.Telecommunication networks
2. Testing equipment
3. Optic fiber CATV systems
5. Fiber to The Point (FTTX)
6. Passive optical network (PON)
7.Local Area Network (LAN)
8. Cable Television (CATV)Test Equipment


waterproof Outdoor Fiber Optic Pigtail



Outdoor Fiber Optical Pigtail Packaging:


Waterproof FC APC 2 cores patch cord packaging


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