Fiber Optic FTTH Singlemode SC Fast Connector

SC Fast Connector Suppliers SC/PC or SC/APC SM

Advantages & Features

  • High return loss and low insertion loss
  • corresponding with TIA/EIA-568-B and TIA/EIA-455 standard
  • Easy and rapid to operate on site
  • Suitable for single mode and multi-mode
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Product details for Fiber Optic FTTH Singlemode SC Fast Connector

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Fiber Optic SC Fast Connector for FTTH can provide a quick and easy termination of fibers in the field. Options are available for 900 micron allowing the installer to terminate and make connection in minutes at equipment and fiber patch panels. This connector system removes any requirement for epoxy, adhesives or costly curing ovens and polishing and fibe ederface inspection.

Fiber Optic SC Fast Connector a kind of field-installable connector, which does not require polishing and adhesive. It can be used for splitter termination, optical panel box termination and direct access of ONU equipments, realize all-round coverage of applications in occasions of FTTX.


Fast connector 2


Fiber Optic SC Fast Connector (Field Assembly Connector or Field terminated fiber connector, quickly assembly Fiber connector) is a revolutionary field installable optical fiber connector that requires no epoxy and no polishing. The unique design of the patented mechanical splice body incorporates a factory-mounted fiber stub and a pre-polished ceramic ferrule. Using this onsite assembly optical connector, it is possible to improve the flexibility of optical wiring design as well as reducing the time required for fiber termination. The Fast connector series are already a popular solution for optical wiring inside buildings and floors for LAN & CCTV applications and FTTH.



Fiber Optic SC Fast Connector Feature:
1. Pre-embedded optical fiber structure
2. Pure clean workshop production, finished products undergo all-process inspection with 100% qualified.
3.Pre-set optical fiber, V groove structure with patent, and spring impressed way, ensurethe clamping force of fiber uniform and stable.
4. Provide the whole set of professional tools, realize fast field assembly, no fusing, no polishing.
5.Simple operation, it takes only 1-2 minutes to assemble one fast connector
6. Repeatable usage, largely decrease the installation and maintenance cost.
7.Totally compatible with standard SC optical fiber connector


1. SC Fast Connector Singlemode

SC-APC Fast Field Connector (2)

SC/APC Fiber Optic  Fast Connector

SC-PC Fast Field Connector (1)

SC/PC Fiber Optic  Fast Connector

2. SC Fast Connector Singlemode

SC-PC Fast Field Connector (3)

SC Fiber Optic Fast Connector

SC-APC Fast Field Connector (4)

SC/APC Fiber Optic Fast Connector


Fiber Optic SC Fast Connector Procedure:


fast connector45



Fiber Optic SC Fast Connector Applications:
1. Patch panels
2. Distribution frames
3. Maintenance or emergency restoration of fiber networks
4. FTTH Outlets
5. Connection at the desk for LAN environments
6. Fiber Optic Patch Cord & Pigtail
7. Telecommunication Devices
8. Data Communications Networks
9. Optical Fiber LAN and Access Network
10. Industry and Military Applications


Fiber Optic SC Fast Connector Specifications:


Applicable for:                                                                                                            Drop cable. Indoor cable

Optical fiber diameter:                                                                                             125μm ( 657A & 657B )

Tight buffer diameter:                                                                                              250μm

Fiber mode:                                                                                                                Single mode

Operation time:                                                                                                          About 100s(no fiber cut)

Insert loss:                                                                                                                  ≤ 0.3dB(1310nm & 1550nm)

Return loss:                                                                                                                 ≤ -40dB

Fastening strength of naked fiber :                                                                         >5 N

Fastening strength of naked fiber holder:                                                              >10 N

Tensile strength:                                                                                                        >50 N

Using temperature:                                                                                                    -40~+75°C

On-line tensile strength (20 N):                                                                                IL ≤ 0.5dB Δ RL ≤ 5dB

Mechanical durability (500 times):                                                                           IL ≤ 0.5dB Δ RL ≤ 5dB

Drop-off test (drop-off height 4m,once per direction, totally 3 times):               IL ≤ 0.5dB Δ RL ≤ 5dB


Fiber Optic SC Fast Connector Packaging:


fast connector


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